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Discover the perfect blend of serenity and productivity through our transformative Mindfulness Courses. Unleash the power of mindfulness to harmonize your work and life seamlessly.

B³MI Yoga School Teacher Training Syllabus

Recharge. Reflect. Rebalance. Redefine Your Work-Life Harmony®.

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B³MI Yoga School Overview
B³MI’s yoga school is approved and registered by Yoga Alliance and upon completion of the program you will be a RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher). Our team of teachers include a broad range of experience in the teachings of yoga from the classroom and beyond including teaching methodology, techniques and training in yoga (pranayama/breath control, meditation, asanas/physical postures & sequencing), philosophy, subtle and physical anatomy. Our program is a comprehensive study of yoga beginning with the history of this ancient practice with a study of the 8 limbs, a deep look into the Yoga Sutras and how to incorporate and honor the original teachings of yoga in the classroom. Graduates of our program will leave confident in the presentation & sequencing of a class...ready to inspire and empower others with their own experiences and wisdom.

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Understanding Yoga & Work-Life Balance


A B³ Mindfulness Course

Be Present to Be Productive: Intentional Time Management

Experience the transformative power of intentional living to achieve Work-Life Harmony®

Optimize Your Productivity, Sharpen Your Focus, and Live Your Life with Intention.

Struggling with relentless distractions and an overwhelming to-do list? Our Intentional Time Management course, a part of the B³ Mindfulness series, will empower you to cut through the noise. Learn how to streamline your day, improve focus, and find work-life harmony using the B³ Method®.

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Don't Let Another Minute Slip Away—Elevate Your Time Management Now!


Recharge. Reflect. Rebalance. Redefine Your Work-Life Harmony®.

Discover the Power of Balance

Overwhelmed by work pressures and life demands? Craving tranquility and time for self-care?

Our Finding Balance course, a part of the B³ Mindfulness series, is crafted to help you navigate this chaos. Instead of pushing you to achieve the elusive perfect balance, we encourage the harmony of your professional life, personal time, and self-care, guided by the B³ Method®.

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It's Time To Get An Awesome Outcome For You, Discover The Power of Balance



B³ Yoga Membership

At the B³ Method Institute, we have now implemented unlimited access to our Yoga Library with hundreds of meditation and yoga classes. Now you can practice with us in the comfort of your own home, or while traveling!

  • Unlimited access to our Virtual Yoga Library
  • Exclusive access to a private community group on Facebook to collaborate with others on the B³ Journey.