The time is now to intentionally transform your practice into one that’s aligned with your personal purpose and passion.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing that you’re finally being paid for the true value of the services you provide. The freedom that comes with creating a steady stream of income from the clients you enjoy working with most.

Feel the sense of purpose that comes from working more closely with the clients you love – people who also understand your value and who are happy to pay you what you’re worth.

Find a renewed sense of pride by re-igniting your client relationships and having collaborative conversations to help their businesses grow and thrive.

It’s time to commit to doing the work!

Don’t let another year go by to find yourself endlessly working without knowing if you’re making money. The sooner you do the work to build a solid foundation for your advisory services practice, the sooner you’ll be able to grow and build long-term, successful added value relationships with the clients and industries you love.

The next course begins July 22 - August 31

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Create a Practice Both You & Your Clients Love!

When you join today, you are taking the first step to building the accounting practice you’ve always dreamed of.

One that’s aligned with your purpose and passion! You’ll start working more with the clients you love and get more time back in your day for You, Your Family, Your Clients.

I am here to support you but once you are in, rest assured, we are a team. I will teach you all the things I wish I knew when I started my client advisory services practice. Together we’ll create a roadmap – the one I wished I had when I started my client advisory services practice – that will help you develop the kind of practice you desire.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Amy’s 6-week course offers a proven roadmap jam-packed with killer practices to launch or grow your client advisory services practice from a rock-solid foundation.

Amy Vetter is a sought-after trainer and keynote speaker who successfully started, scaled, and sold her own client advisory services practice. She brings more than a decade of experience coaching thousands of accounting professionals on how to build the practice of their dreams and attract and keep the clients they love.

The next course runs July 22-August 31

“I’ve devoted my life to helping thousands of accounting professionals like you learn from my entrepreneurial mistakes and successes. I’ve saved them literally years of time by helping them build a successful advisory practice by creating a solid foundation for their business and using the right technology front the get-go.”

Key Elements You’ll Master From This Coursework

You have what it takes to become a Cherished Advisor. You can become irreplaceable to your clients and operate a thriving advisory business that serves clients’ needs and fuels your own personal and professional goals.

When you join The Client Advisory Services Roadmap – The Cherished Advisor Step-by-Step Program, I will guide you in creating a 12-month strategic plan that will transform your practice and your life.

You’ll learn how to identify and develop your:
  • Purpose: Define your personal purpose and align it with the mission of your practice;

  • Customers: Pitch the value of your advisory services to the existing clients you love and learn how to gracefully break up with the ones you don’t;

  • Industries: Identify which industries you want to work with and how to specialize in their needs;

  • Technology: Assess the right technology for your practice and re-engineer your operations to streamline processes and create new ways to collaborate;

  • Pricing: Transform your pricing from hourly based to reflect the actual value you provide;

  • Sales: Confidently market and sell the value of your advisory services;

  • People: Learn when to hire employees vs. contractors and other short and long-term considerations based on your firm’s stage of growth;

  • Success: Determine your priorities and measurements for success;

  • Roadmap: Create your own 12-month client advisory services roadmap that’s aligned with your purpose and passion.

The Client Advisory Services Practice Roadmap: The Cherished Advisor® Step-by-Step Program with Amy Vetter

The 6-week online course includes:

  • Weekly live group discussion and virtual coaching sessions with Amy.

  • 30 videos on the topics assigned each week to watch when it’s most convenient for you.

  • Up to 15 hours of CPE available.

  • Downloadable pdf worksheets for each module to complete on your own, submit in advance, and discuss during weekly calls.

  • Exclusive membership to a private Facebook group to ask questions and share insights with each other.

  • Week 1: Your Goals + Business Planning Intro: In the first week you will learn how the course will work, commit and schedule your calendar to do the work, and set your high level goals and intentions. This first module will focus on the group getting to know your practice and learning how you will get the support you need throughout this process so you have what you need to create a successful advisory practice.

  • Week 2: Your Purpose, Your Practice, Your Clients: Learn the Cherished Advisor journey. Identify your personal purpose and explore how to align it with the mission of your practice. Define which customers and industries you want to work with more (and those you want to part ways with).

  • Week 3: The Right Technology, the Right People: Learn about and how to select the latest software and technology platforms to streamline your operations. Identify the right talent for your practice and assess the skills and needs of your current employees and contractors.

  • Week 4: Your Pricing & Marketing: Learn how to transition from hourly to value-based pricing so that you get paid for what you’re worth, not by the time you work. Assess your current marketing to see if it’s aligned with your mission. Learn about the latest marketing methods and how best to incorporate them into your practice.

  • Week 5: Sell Your Value & Onboarding New Clients: Learn how to sell the value you offer to the clients you already love and find new ones in your target industry. Identify the best ways to onboard new clients to ensure that you’re meeting their advisory service needs.

  • Week 6: Share & Finetune Your Roadmap: Finalize and share your advisory services action plan with Amy and the other course participants that have been there to support you throughout this journey. Ask questions and fine-tune your plan.