Experience better HR and payroll

When we offer Client Advisory Services (CAS) and a client requests us to process payroll, we quickly find they need much more and we become the central place for HR and all related people questions as well.. We can elevate our services by offering People Advisory Services where you do more than accounting and payroll. That is where the intersection of technology and our advice deliver powerful offerings to our clients.
This is why we chose ADP as a Best In Class Tech stack member for our CAS firms we work with. There are a global provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions, where they can support you in offering HR, payroll, talent, time, tax and benefits administration to your clients.. Their reporting, analytics and compliance expertise offers accounting professionals’ the exclusive client advisory tools so you can deliver these services confidently and know you have the support you need. They provide access to authorized client data, seamless general ledger integration and practice tools with their free platformplatform Accountant ConnectSM. Their dedicated online support can help you increase services and revenue for your firm and know you always have experts to call when you need them.

Cut tax compliance costs, not corners

When I had my CAS practice and quickly started seeing I needed more knowledge in sales tax, I searched for a solution to help. When I found Avalara it was so helpful to ensure that sales tax was being calculated right for clients that had locations all over the United States in localities I was not familiar with. Over time I have seen Avalara continue to develop more and more features to help mitigate sales tax compliance risk.

I am thrilled to have Avalara as a Best In Class tech stack member for the CAS practices we work with! They help meet your clients’ needs by offering a portfolio of automated solutions to deliver services such as sales tax preparation and filing, business licenses, transfer pricing documentation, sales tax research and expert advice from their support team.

Developed expressly for accounting service providers, Avalara for Accountants delivers visibility into process status and helps you to manage multiple clients efficiently and to streamline workflows. With Avalara, accountants can now better serve clients, scale for firm growth, reduce risk, and improve client retention rates.

Meet BILL. Your financial operations platform.

Part of providing Client Advisory Services (CAS) to your clients often entails bill payment, proper coding and tracking of necessary back-up, and building in internal control process such as approvals into their business. This can be very time consuming to do manually and leaves little time to analyze your client's business and provide the advice they need as a Cherished Advisor.

I have had a relationship with bill.com since their inception and have watched them build more and more automation to help CAS practices simplify and automate back-office financial processes for small and mid-sized businesses. It is very exciting to have them as part of our Best In Class Tech Stack for our CAS firms we work with!

Bill.com makes paper-based manual transaction processing obsolete by transforming how your customers manage their cash and helps create the efficiencies need to free up time focus on the business.

The global financial technology platform that gives you the power to prosper.

When I began my practice in 2002, there was no such thing as Client Advisory Services (CAS). I always knew I didn't want to offer traditional accounting services and wanted to be more a part of the businesses that my clients had. That is when I discovered QuickBooks and it forever changed how I could serve my clients thereafter. With the evolution of cloud accounting, QuickBooks Online empowers you with the time and opportunity to expand your clientele and add higher-value Client Advisory Services to your practice.

That is why I am so excited to have Intuit as one of our Best In Class Tech Stack members for the CAS practices we work with. When you and your clients work together in QuickBooks Online, you are able to have simultaneous access to real-time data and automation to handle the day-to-day task work and manual processes. You can be a true Cherished Advisor to your client so they get more of your expertise, and you gain deeper insights into their business needs to grow with them. Learn more about Intuit and our other members!

Workflow and Project Management Software for Ambitious Firms

Jetpack Workflow is an accounting workflow platform that helps accountants, bookkeepers, and firm owners better organize their workflows, automate recurring tasks, and easily track and monitor client work!

Tell your financial story, with Jirav.

Many of our firms that work with us on their Client Advisor Services (CAS) practice, offer Controllership and CFO services to their clients. One of the big advancements in our profession is moving away from spreadsheets and hours and hours of manual calculations to instead utilizing data analytics and business intelligence technology to be able to provide meaningful visualizations of of not only financial results, but understand the operational impacts on the numbers as well. We become a more valued part of our clients business when we understand how they operate and can give meaningful advice on how to improve their bottom line and create more efficiency in their business.

That is why I am so excited to have Jirav as a Best In Class Tech Stack member. Jirav helps you deliver more high-value client advisory services (CAS) in areas such as forecasting and budgeting, including analytics, financial modeling, strategic business planning, and more. This all-in-one financial planning and analysis solution gives firms powerful tools for forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and dashboarding that eliminates time calculating, and instead allows you more time to analyze the numbers, ask the questions that are important to the client and have the meaningful conversations that your clients want.

Industry Intelligence for Accounting Professionals

Vertical IQ stays ahead of the curve with innovation and dedication. When a group of proven industry insiders, sales experts, and thought leaders get together to create something truly innovative, people pay attention. BECOME AN INDUSTRY EXPERT FAST Step right into the role of trusted ally and tilt the sales advantage to your favor. Armed with Vertical IQ, you’re ready for every engagement faster and easier than ever before. Our actionable, convenient, and focused Industry Intelligence gives you the edge — every time.