Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Amy’s 30-day course offers a proven roadmap jam-packed with killer practices to launch or grow your client advisory services practice from a rock-solid foundation.  

Amy Vetter is a sought-after trainer and keynote speaker who successfully started, scaled, and sold her own client advisory services practice. She brings more than a decade of experience coaching thousands of accounting professionals on how to build the practice of their dreams and attract and keep the clients they love.

This course runs from January 7 - February 4.

Two pricing options

1. Cherished Advisor Step By Step Program 30-Day Course

2. Cherished Advisor Step By Step Program 30-Day Course PLUS two 30 minute private coaching sessions with Amy during the program to help you with specific questions or ideas that arise.

Wish you had a tried-and-true roadmap to start or grow your client advisory services practice?

Now you do!

The Client Advisory Services Practice Roadmap: The Cherished Advisor® Step-by-Step Program with Amy Vetter

The next course begins
January 7 - February 4.

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Client Advisory Services for Accounting Firms: Becoming A Cherished Advisor

The Client Advisory Services Practice Roadmap: The Cherished Advisor®
Step-by-Step Program

For Accounting & Bookkeeping Professionals
  • Transform your practice to attract and keep higher value clients by offering advisory services.

  • Scale by working with clients you love, focusing solely on the industries you are most passionate about.

  • Align your Practice with Your Personal Purpose to become Cherished by clients.

  • Get off the hamster wheel of hourly billing and instead charge based on your true value.

  • Leverage the best in technology tools to reduce busywork and gain the freedom to spend more time working with clients one-on-one.

  • Learn how to market and sell your services to attract and retain more of the kind of clients you love.

Are you struggling to differentiate your practice from the one down the street, and not compete just on price?

Do you doubt your abilities when it comes to selling your value or the idea of regularly advising your business clients at a holistic level?

Want to make more money by being more intentional about the clients you choose to work with and the services you offer?

Maybe you wish your practice was more aligned with your personal purpose and crave more time in your day to focus on the clients you love – all while creating a better quality of life for yourself and your family?

You’re not alone.

But that said, it’s hard to know where to start on this journey of building a scalable advisory practice that’s aligned with your purpose and values. You’ve made the leap, but by now you’re probably wishing you had a proven roadmap from someone who has done it before.

Imagine What’s Possible for You and Your Practice

The time is now to intentionally transform your practice into one that’s aligned with your personal purpose and passion.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing that you’re finally being paid for the true value of the services you provide. The freedom that comes with creating a steady stream of income from the clients you enjoy working with most.

Feel the sense of purpose that comes from working more closely with the clients you love – people who also understand your value and who are happy to pay you what you’re worth.

Find a renewed sense of pride by re-igniting your client relationships and having collaborative conversations to help their businesses grow and thrive.

"I’m so happy I invested in this course."
Christian Hailey, Senior Accountant, Chaney & Associates

"Amy pushed me to think outside the box and gave me ideas to further pursue to gain knowledge and make a better impact in my niche market. If you’re interested in learning how to better grow and manage your firm, create greater work-life balance, and become a Cherished Advisor, I completely recommend this course!"

Becoming a Cherished Advisor®

This new life you imagine is possible! Trust me. I’ve walked in your shoes and am here to guide you every step of the way. What I learned most is that it takes more than just being a Trusted Advisor, it takes what I call being a “Cherished Advisor.”

A Cherished Advisor goes beyond what’s expected of a trusted advisor. Sure, we’re implicitly trustworthy by virtue of our professional credentials. But a Cherished Advisor is someone our clients can’t imagine living without. A Cherished Advisor is:

  • A valued business partner who is invited to the decision-making table when key business decisions are being made, not after the fact.

  • A leader with the communication and analytical skills to tell the story behind the numbers to help clients make smart holistic business decisions.

  • Not necessarily a natural “techie,” but someone who knows how to identify, and leverage the latest time-saving technology to help their clients grow and thrive.

  • A self starter with an entrepreneurial mindset who knows how to quickly adapt to their clients’ business and industry needs.

  • A highly valued strategic partner whom their business clients appreciate, highly value and can’t imagine not having on their team!

Key Elements You’ll Master From This Coursework

You have what it takes to become a Cherished Advisor. You can become irreplaceable to your clients and operate a thriving advisory business that serves clients’ needs and fuels your own personal and professional goals.

When you join The Client Advisory Services Roadmap – The Cherished Advisor Step-by-Step Program, I will guide you in creating a 12-month strategic plan that will transform your practice and your life.

You’ll learn how to identify and develop your:
  • Purpose: Define your personal purpose and align it with the mission of your practice;

  • Customers: Pitch the value of your advisory services to the existing clients you love and learn how to gracefully break up with the ones you don’t;

  • Industries: Identify which industries you want to work with and how to specialize in their needs;

  • Technology: Assess the right technology for your practice and re-engineer your operations to streamline processes and create new ways to collaborate;

  • Pricing: Transform your pricing from hourly based to reflect the actual value you provide;

  • Sales: Confidently market and sell the value of your advisory services;

  • People: Learn when to hire employees vs. contractors and other short and long-term considerations based on your firm’s stage of growth;

  • Success: Determine your priorities and measurements for success;

  • Roadmap: Create your own 12-month client advisory services roadmap that’s aligned with your purpose and passion.

The Client Advisory Services Practice Roadmap: The Cherished Advisor® Step-by-Step Program with Amy Vetter

The 30-day online course includes:
  • Weekly live group discussion and virtual coaching sessions with Amy.

  • 30 videos on the topics assigned each week to watch when it’s most convenient for you.

  • Up to 15 hours of CPE available.

  • Downloadable pdf worksheets for each module to complete on your own, submit in advance, and discuss during weekly calls.

  • Exclusive membership to a private Facebook group to ask questions and share insights with each other.

Strategic Roadmap Workshop
Paul Peterson Managing Partner at Wiss & Company LLP

“We have been very fortunate to have engaged Amy to help lead us through a strategic roadmap for transforming one of our key service areas. I couldn’t imagine that we’d be anywhere near the level of progress that we have made on creating a new future if we had embarked on creating this vision and roadmap without Amy leading the way! Not only does Amy have an engaging personality and brings a friendly dynamic to make the process enjoyable, but her background is a tremendous asset for helping your organization look to the future.”

  • Module 1: Your Goals, Purpose, Practice, & Clients:
    In the first week, you will learn how the course works as well as commit and schedule your calendar to do the work, and set your high level goals and intentions. The group will get to know your practice and we’ll discuss how to best support you in creating a successful advisory practice. You’ll learn the Cherished Advisor journey, and identify your personal purpose and how to align it with the mission of your practice. You’ll define the types of customers and industries you want to work with more, and those you want to part ways with.

  • Module 2: The Right Technology, People, Processes & Client Experience:
    Learn about and how to select the latest software and technology platforms to streamline your operations. Identify the right talent for your practice and assess the skills and needs of your current employees and contractors. Explore the best ways to onboard new clients to ensure that you're meeting their advisory service needs.

  • Module 3: Your Pricing, Sales & Marketing:
    Discover how to transition from hourly to value-based pricing so that you get paid for what you’re worth, not by the time you work. Learn how to sell the value you offer to the clients you already love and find new ones in your target industry. Assess your current marketing to see if it’s aligned with your mission. Explore the latest marketing methods and how best to incorporate them into your practice.

  • Module 4: Share & Finetune Your Roadmap:
    Finalize and share your advisory services action plan with Amy and the other course participants that have been there to support you throughout this journey. Ask questions and fine-tune your plan.

What’s my story?

I train accountants to become Cherished Advisors®.

Because face it, that’s really not what they teach you when you go to school to become an accountant.

So I created the roadmap I wished I had when I started out. In many ways, the businesses I built, scaled and sold helped me find my calling to train thousands of accountants like you to become Cherished Advisors.

I checked off every box on my path to creating my successful accounting career. After graduating college, I worked as an auditor for a Big 4 firm, and then for a Fortune 500 company. Then at 27 years old, I had my first baby, and I decided I needed to go out on my own. I started my business offering bookkeeping services, and since I didn’t know much about the logistics, I researched how other bookkeepers marketed themselves. I quickly found that potential clients did not just want bookkeeping, but wanted advice on how to make their businesses profitable and scalable.

When I began, there was nowhere to turn for guidance. I learned that there was a lot that I did not know about growing my own small business, as well as how to help my clients succeed. Through trial and error, I learned how to cultivate deep client relationships. Now, I help others skip struggles and shorten their runway to becoming a Cherished Advisor. I have trained thousands of accounting professionals just like you in the same methods that worked for me. I also include the best practices I have seen other firms use, which saves them years of time and a whole lot of stress.

But just like you, there’s more to my story than what most people know...

  • When I was in my teens, my mom lost her business – and basically everything we owned – our home, our furniture in the process – largely because no one was looking out for her and being proactive in helping her understand and predict her financials and how it related to her operations. It was the 1980s, and bad loan practices led many small businesses to go belly up, but when it’s your own family, the pain is visceral º– losing your home, selling all of your furniture at a garage sale, taking on extra jobs as a teenager to help pay the bills – in a way headlines could never convey.

  • Watching my mom work so hard to build a thriving business only to lose everything because her accountant didn’t take the proactive steps to guide and protect her from surprises in her business made my path crystal clear: I wanted to protect business owners in similar situations, and their families, from ever being forced into a corner with no good financial options. I believed there was a better way to serve clients and always have time for what they needed, when they needed it.

CAS Practice Roadmap - Sheri Muntean, Managing Partner, Shamballa Centre LLC

"Amy, my peers in the class, and the B³ Method gave me input, tools, and a process for identifying weaknesses in our firm and processes and a the same for coming up with a plan to evolve the practice forward. Her input was invaluable. Thank you!"

Who is the course for?

Accounting professionals who:
  • Want to start or expand their advisory services practice.

  • Work within an accounting firm and are developing an advisory services practice within the firm.

  • Want to become cherished by their clients.

  • Will commit to following my roadmap to becoming a Cherished Advisor.

Who is it not for?

  • Accounting professionals who are not committed to the process. It takes more than the financial investment in the course – it’s on you to carve out the time and dedication to implement the plan. This commitment is a two-way street, and if you don't do your part, you won’t see results.

“I’ve devoted my life to helping thousands of accounting professionals like you learn from my entrepreneurial mistakes and successes. I’ve saved them literally years of time by helping them build a successful advisory practice by creating a solid foundation for their business and using the right technology front the get-go.”

Coaching Services
Alun Morgan, Gorsafle Ltd

"Working with Amy on my plans for the future really helped me focus on taking part of my career in a different direction to that I was expecting. By focusing on what I was passionate about and achieving a better balance, I ended up being able to combine my career and also increased happiness. Or Bliss! Having dealt with any number of consultants in the past, I would happily endorse Amy's coaching services."

It’s time to commit to doing the work!

Don’t let another year go by to find yourself endlessly working without knowing if you’re making money. The sooner you do the work to build a solid foundation for your advisory services practice, the sooner you’ll be able to grow and build long-term, successful added value relationships with the clients and industries you love.

The next course begins January 7 - February 4.

Did you miss the cutoff? Seats are still available.

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Two pricing options

CAS Course

CAS Course plus 2 30-minute private 1:1 coaching sessions available during the course

The Client Advisory Services Practice Roadmap: The Cherished Advisor® Step-by-Step Program with Amy Vetter

The 30-day online course includes:
  • Weekly live group discussion and virtual coaching sessions with Amy.

  • 30 videos on the topics assigned each week to watch when it’s most convenient for you.

  • Up to 15 hours of CPE available.

  • Downloadable pdf worksheets for each module to complete on your own, submit in advance, and discuss during weekly calls.

  • Exclusive membership to a private Facebook group to ask questions and share insights with each other.

B³ Member - Leah Keller
CPA - Tax & Business Advisor, Blue Ridge CPA PLLC

"Thank you very much for what you have created,
I am truly appreciative of this (and super impressed!)"

Create a Practice Both You & Your Clients Love!

When you join today, you are taking the first step to building the accounting practice you’ve always dreamed of.

One that’s aligned with your purpose and passion! You’ll start working more with the clients you love and get more time back in your day for You, Your Family, Your Clients.

I am here to support you but once you are in, rest assured, we are a team. I will teach you all the things I wish I knew when I started my client advisory services practice. Together we’ll create a roadmap – the one I wished I had when I started my client advisory services practice – that will help you develop the kind of practice you desire.