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The B³ Method Institute is an Educational Organization

To further your journey and help you achieve your desired potential in your career and personal life through the B³ Method (Business + Balance = Bliss).

Below are resources to help you achieve your best life at work and home.

By joining you will have access to a different theme that applies to your life at work and at home. Learn about topics like Work-Life Harmony, Authenticity, and Being Present. 

B³ Virtual Yoga

The B³ Membership will now include Live Virtual Yoga and Unlimited access to our Virtual Yoga Library as a part of your membership, access granted to all yoga level styles: Vinyasa, Meditation and Pranayama, Kid’s Yoga, Pilates, Iron, Restorative, HIIT, Fundamentals, Beginner Yoga, Yoga Bootcamp, Yin Yoga, and much more!

The Client Advisory Services Practice Roadmap: The Cherished Advisor® Step-by-Step Program

For accounting and bookkeeping professionals

Wish you had a tried-and-true roadmap to start or grow your client advisory services practice?

Now you do!

The Client Advisory Services Practice Roadmap: The Cherished Advisor® Step-by-Step Program with Amy Vetter

Consulting/Coaching Services

Includes Virtual Live Coaching with Amy & B³ Membership

Receive virtual coaching with actionable steps to empower you to meet your business, career and life goals. Along with live virtual coaching with Amy, coaching services include a B³ membership with access to online educational content on a variety of topics including Work-life Harmony, Authenticity, and Mindfulness at Work.

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Thank you very much for what you have created, I am truly appreciative of this (and super impressed!)

Leah Keller
CPA - Tax & Business Advisor
Blue Ridge CPA PLLC
B³ Method Institute Member

So often, we get lost in our own thoughts. Amy is sure to help guide you back to the present!

Kristy Novitski
Phoenix, CFO/Controller/Director of Finance/Director of Tax

Amy is very inspiring. I love her balanced approach to life.

Mary Ann Witmer
Sempra, Marketing

Excellent presenter & great course with lots of great tips! I really enjoyed her sharing her experiences and I gained some interesting new perspectives. I found this course very helpful!

Shelley McCulloch

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