Amy's Webinar's & Live Virtual Events!

Are you working from home and want to be inspired to learn something new to change up your day? Did your conferences cancel that you wanted to attend this Spring and you still need CPE? Would you like to find ways to re-energize, reset and feel happier and more productive? Have you considered taking this downtime to strategize and re-work your business offerings and the technology you use?

We have a solution! For the first time ever, Amy Vetter is bringing her content live online and... as an ADDED Bonus...if you are an accounting professional you can earn CPE Credits for completion of each session!

Amy’s courses, through the B³ Method Institute, ranging from how to stay happy and connected when working remote, mindfulness practices, work-life balance, cultivating leadership in times of change, improving company culture and communication skills to putting together a transformative business plan for implementing technology in an intentional way to create sustainable success!

What’s my story?

I train accountants to become Cherished Advisors®.

Because face it, that’s really not what they teach you when you go to school to become an accountant.

So I created the roadmap I wished I had when I started out. In many ways, the businesses I built, scaled and sold helped me find my calling to train thousands of accountants like you to become Cherished Advisors.

I checked off every box on my path to creating my successful accounting career. After graduating college, I worked as an auditor for a Big 4 firm, and then for a Fortune 500 company. Then at 27 years old, I had my first baby, and I decided I needed to go out on my own. I started my business offering bookkeeping services, and since I didn’t know much about the logistics, I researched how other bookkeepers marketed themselves. I quickly found that potential clients did not just want bookkeeping, but wanted advice on how to make their businesses profitable and scalable.

When I began, there was nowhere to turn for guidance. I learned that there was a lot that I did not know about growing my own small business, as well as how to help my clients succeed. Through trial and error, I learned how to cultivate deep client relationships. Now, I help others skip struggles and shorten their runway to becoming a Cherished Advisor. I have trained thousands of accounting professionals just like you in the same methods that worked for me. I also include the best practices I have seen other firms use, which saves them years of time and a whole lot of stress.

But just like you, there’s more to my story than what most people know...

  • When I was in my teens, my mom lost her business – and basically everything we owned – our home, our furniture in the process – largely because no one was looking out for her and being proactive in helping her understand and predict her financials and how it related to her operations. It was the 1980s, and bad loan practices led many small businesses to go belly up, but when it’s your own family, the pain is visceral º– losing your home, selling all of your furniture at a garage sale, taking on extra jobs as a teenager to help pay the bills – in a way headlines could never convey.

  • Watching my mom work so hard to build a thriving business only to lose everything because her accountant didn’t take the proactive steps to guide and protect her from surprises in her business made my path crystal clear: I wanted to protect business owners in similar situations, and their families, from ever being forced into a corner with no good financial options. I believed there was a better way to serve clients and always have time for what they needed, when they needed it.