Be More Present to Be Productive - Intentional Time Management

Webinar Overview

Many of us lack focus on taking care of our well-being and overwork ourselves each day which often causes us to feel depleted. When all of our energy is directed outward to work and family, we can create a drastic imbalance in our lives.

Over time, Amy came to her own realization that without balance in her life and finding time for herself to re-energize and focus, she couldn’t reach her potential in her career or what she desired in her personal life. That meant taking an honest look at all aspects of her life, the good and the bad, and intentionally making time to do the self exploration she needed so she could be better for those around her.

Amy Vetter, from The B³ Method Institute, will share actionable insights to help you to:

• Mono-task vs. Multi-task
• Regain your energy and improve your focus during the day
• Eliminate distractions caused by technology
• Stop over-working and instead learn to work smart instead