Intentional Time Management

B³ Mindfulness Course
November 26 - December 27, 2023


Week 1:  11-26-2023, 12-12:30 ET
Week 2:  12-04-2023, 12-12:30 ET
Week 3:  12-11-2023, 12-12:30 ET
Week 4:  12.18.2023, 12-12:30 ET
Week 5:  12-27-2023, 12-12:30 ET

Course Description:

Do you find yourself distracted during the day? Are you working to your full potential as a leader or co-worker? Many of us can feel that we are technically up to speed in what we do, but we lack skills when interacting with one another. Use this course to guide you as you discover ways to regain your internal balance to show up better for those around you. Rediscover your energy, improve your focus during the day, and learn how to eliminate distractions caused by technology.

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